West Hartford Massage Therapy

Your First Step Toward Wellness

Therapeutic Massage can ease pain and release the tension of everyday stress. At West Hartford Massage Therapy, we are dedicated to setting you on a path toward total well-being. Clients seek out massage therapy for issues ranging from back pain and headaches to tendinitis or painful joints; we always pay close attention to your body’s individual needs.

West Hartford Massage Therapy is closed due to COVID-19.
We hope to see you in August! Have a question for us?
Call 860-236-3686 or email weismanb@comcast.net.

Come visit us and get back on the path to feeling your best. Our office is convenient to parking, restaurants, shopping, and is a short walk from West Hartford Center’s Blue Back Square. We look forward to seeing you!

“Immediately after my massage I feel relaxed, peaceful, with a sensation of overall well being; everything seems right in my life! As the day wears on I begin to “power up” ready to take on anything, especially my two young grandsons! The greatest benefit begins the day after, as I begin to energize and feel rejuvenated. I continue to be jazzed, my jogging time improves, all tasks are doable. In due course, jogging time slows, tasks take a bit longer, and my grandsons tire me out sooner. That’s when I know it’s time to get back on the table. Massage is not a luxury, it’s a necessity! At WH Massage Therapy Bonita “sees” me, always checks on my little aches and pains, and besides being great at her craft, is a wonderful listener! My investment is well worth the outcome.” – Steven R.

“Excellent and very professional. There was a quick debriefing at the beginning to assess why I was there. The hour left me deeply relaxed. I am a picky customer… I have small kids, little extra time or extra money, and when I get the rare hour free for massage therapy, it really needs to count. WHMT is the sort of massage therapy that you look and look for, and stick with once you find. Highly recommend.” – Heidi T.