West Hartford Massage Therapy

We’ve moved to the virtual reality of Zoom–and I am a Stress Release Coach.

I coach mind/body calming, empowering, strengthening and freeing techniques. I am adept at listening to what you need. Our bodies are our homes. Let me be your partner on the journey toward well-being.


  • Stressed out?
  • Not sleeping well?
  • Afraid of COVID-19 exposure in a traditional massage setting?
  • Feeling depressed, “out of it,” or lonely?
  • Do you have new aches and pains?
  • Do have “bad posture?”
  • Are you trying to make wise decisions in a time of uncertainty?

Through an initial phone conversation, we will evaluate how you are feeling and custom design each online session inspired by your current specific issues, needs and your personal feedback. ZOOM is a great forum for personal connection and it is totally risk-free for COVID-19! Our coaching sessions can take place from your home, office or even on the road (and no driving while relaxed is required afterward). ZOOM enables folks with travel restrictions or physical challenges to participate fully in their own environment.

Tension-releasing modalities include:

  • Self-Massage Techniques
  • Stress Release Techniques
  • Guided Visualization and Imagery Work
  • Partner- Massage Skills
  • Movement Freedom/Alignment Work
  • Movement Freedom for Partners, Kids or Families
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“I was a massage client of Bonita’s for nearly 15 years, and while the physical aspects of the therapy she provided was critically important, her attention to my emotional well-being throughout the years, was the key to the special nature of the therapy.

Since her transition away from the “hands-on” aspect of massage, I have had multiple “ZOOM” sessions with her, during which she employed a combination of movement, yoga, meditation and breathing techniques that were very effective in reduction stress and addressing my particular emotional health. I would highly recommend this remote therapy.”
–Pamela C.