Helping You take Better Care … of You

I am dedicated to supporting you in taking better care of yourself. The vehicle of online Stress-Release Coaching enables me to utilize multiple approaches in mentoring you to release tension, overcome pain, and find your way toward serenity and well-being.

My expertise includes over five decades of study of the human body, both as a dancer/teacher and as a body therapist. I have trained with renowned movement artists and accomplished body-centered practitioners/educators associated with the most respected institutions in the country.

Integrating all that I have learned, I have created my own style, philosophy and approach to healing. I feel honored to work with my clients, and value your trust in me, both as a health professional and as a compassionate human being. By allowing yourself to be open and receptive to creative approaches to healing, you are taking care of yourself. When awareness happens, change becomes possible.

About Bonita

Bonita Weisman is the owner/founder of West Hartford Massage Therapy. She is intrigued with the process of conscious healing. Bonita’s background includes years of study in Muscular Therapy, Alexander Technique, Dance Therapy, Laban Movement Analysis and other complementary health forms. She received her certification from the Muscular Therapy Institute in Cambridge, MA in 1986. She is also a professional dancer, improvographer, and adjunct professor of dance at the University of Hartford (Hartt School). Bonita has held teaching positions at Connecticut College, Trinity College, Wesleyan University, and the Hartford Conservatory. Her most recent passion is playing rubboard with River City Slim and the Zydeco Hogs and sitting in with other renowned Zydeco bands from all over the US.


Bonita is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association and the West Hartford Chamber of Commerce. She holds a permit from WH-Bloomfield Health District and is licensed by the State of Connecticut (License #000859)

I have been a client of Bonita’s for over ten years and her knowledge, expertise and sensitivity has been a blessing to me over the years. I was greatly impacted by the pandemic as I could not exercise in a way that I was accustom. Since businesses were closed, I could not get any therapeutic work done either. In no time, I felt my muscles were very tight and I experienced soreness in my legs. I called Bonita and she held a personal Zoom session for me and guided me through various muscle and stress release techniques. That session has been a tremendous help to me! Thank you, Bonita! — Joe P.