Are You Tense?

I Can Help

Tension is the foundation for many physical and emotional problems that can go unidentified and untreated. Tension manifests itself in countless ways, from muscular restriction and pain to anxiety, depression, sleep issues, constant headaches and agitated digestion. Our stress hormones get used to being “on” all the time and we get used to not feeling well. Often we simply adapt to new body and emotional armor and forget what it can feel like to be relaxed and “at home” in our physical/emotional/spiritual selves.

In conjunction with regular physical activity, eating well, getting enough rest, drinking plenty of water, staying in touch with family and friends and being gentle with yourself (which can mean doing nothing sometimes), virtual Stress Release Coaching sessions are paramount in dealing with the challenges we face every day.

Make a commitment to well-being! Take time to take care of you! I will hold you accountable for your intentions by gently instructing you in wellness, mindfulness and self-care.