What My Clients Are Saying…


I was a massage client of Bonita’s for nearly 15 years, and while the physical aspects of the therapy she provided was critically important, her attention to my emotional well-being throughout the years, was the key to the special nature of the therapy.  Since her transition away from the “hands on” aspect of massage, I have had multiple “ZOOM” sessions with her, during which she employed a combination of movement, yoga, meditation and breathing techniques, that were very effective in reducing stress and addressing my particular emotional state.  I would highly recommend this remote therapy.” –Pam C.


I have been a client of Bonita’s for over ten years and her knowledge, expertise and sensitivity has been a blessing to me over the years. I was greatly impacted by the pandemic as I could not exercise in a way I was accustomed to doing.  Since businesses were closed, I could not get any therapeutic body work done either. In no time, I felt my muscles were tight and I experienced soreness in my legs. I called Bonita and she held a personal Zoom session for me and guided me through various muscle and stress release techniques. That session has been a tremendous help to me!  Thank you Bonita!”    –Joe P.


With Bonita’s guidance and support I was able to learn a variety of techniques and strategies to reduce stress and relieve the aches and pains that can occur with aging or ignoring your body’s needs. She combines her over 30 years of massage therapy experience, dance instruction, and knowledge of mind-body practices with thoughtful and kind attention to her client’s needs. I left each session feeling energized and grateful. –Howard D.