What to Expect

It’s Easy!

We all need a break from everything sometimes. It is essential to take care of YOU so you can take care of those you love. Stress Release Coaching will give you tools for dealing with the challenges that we all encounter in these uncertain times. Let me be your guide and partner. You can and WILL feel better than you do today.

How it Works:

  • We will schedule a time for our session. If you are a new client, I will ask about your medical history.
  • I will send a Zoom invitation. (Need Zoom? Click here to download.)
  • I would appreciate a text confirming that you received the Zoom invitation. (860.916.8114)
  • On the appointed day and time–we meet (yay!) and have a fantastic stress-releasing session.

What You’ll Need

You will need to have your computer/iPad in a room that has enough space for you to move your body comfortably. Please wear loose clothes or yoga/workout wear. Please have water, a notebook and pen, a chair and a yoga mat nearby.

Stress Release Coaching can:

    • Help you become relaxed and mindful of your breath
    • Increase awareness of your detrimental body habits
    • Calm your nervous system
    • Alleviate Pain and discomfort
    • Help you understand muscular compensation issues
    • Provide you with tools for self-care (and some to share)
    • Assist your immune system in getting and staying healthy
    • Expand your movement vocabulary and increase flexibility
    • Re-educate your spine to improve alignment
    • Build strength
    • Encourage you to let go of what you don’t need
    • Increase your kinesthetic awareness
    • Help you release muscular/emotional armor from years of repetitious motion or sustained holding patterns
    • Help you feel your sensations
    • Free up your creative potential
    • Create support
    • Increase your “Joy Factor”
    • Guide you to feeling good even in stressful times