Our Services

Working Together to Relieve Tension, Anxiety, Pain and Discomfort

My coaching work is bi-directional. We are a team. It is as if each individual hands me a specific and personal license. It is my job to honor that license to the best of my ability by being creative, wise and thoughtful in order to help relieve tension, anxiety, pain and discomfort. Other benefits include expanding your movement vocabulary and assisting you in finding your highest potential.

I do ask my clients to be active in their awareness, to practice self-observation and to be committed to their health.

We offer:

Zoom is great for 1 on 1 learning. Depending on how you are feeling and what kind of relief you need at the scheduled session, I will teach you specific hands-on techniques for releasing tension. You will come away with tools for decreasing pain, soreness and discomfort as needed. Self-massage for head, neck, face, upper chest, forearms. Hands, lower legs and feet are especially effective.

Most of us understand the benefit of slowing down enough to stop the “hamster wheel” that can take over our minds. However, do we actually make time to take care of ourselves? Let me be your guide. Through simple breath and our “attention” we can actually slow our heart rate and create a feeling of peace and ease. We will do simple body scans and exercises that focus on just “being.” I am not going to ask you to do anything that is not comfortable or safe. Sometimes less really is more.

I love teaching varied and easy stress-release methods and techniques that will provide you with skills that you can use at home, in the office or on the road. These exercises are especially helpful when you are feeling spacey, annoyed or anxious and like you just do not know what to do to feel more comfortable in your own skin. You will learn how to recognize tension overflow, which will enable you to shortstop body/mind challenges as they show up.

Do you sometimes feel like you are being held hostage by your worries and fears? I will narrate rejuvenating and restful guided visualizations that facilitate a shift in energy. Our imaginations and thoughts can be coached into allowing us to let go of troublesome patterns of thinking. By utilizing our capacity to “see with our minds” we open to the direct mind/body connection and can find relaxation.

Gently grab your significant other (or family member) and Zoom together to learn basic tension release massage techniques. We will discuss your individual tension patterns and design the sessions accordingly. Hands-on skills will include chair work, standing or laying down.

This work is therapeutic in that you will safely allow your body to explore new ways to move that will encourage tension release and FUN. You will learn about your restrictive, holding patterns that can keep you in discomfort. The sessions will help you expand your movement vocabulary and increase your flexibility. We have the option to use music, our voices and other creative and freeing elements that we discuss. If you have any physical limitations or injury, we will work to enhance possibility.

This Zoom experience is about fun and communication. We will work with subtle, expansive and simple improve movement structures that will get you breathing and feeling connected to yourself, your partner or your kids. This is about finding your creative, movement potential, and letting go. Anything goes in a safe and vibrant environment. I am leading but you will find that you are often your own best teacher. Hey parents, this is a great way to keep the kids busy for a while so you can get some work done.