Covid Protocols


Most of these hygienic protocols have been relaxed by the Department of Public Health and the massage therapy governing boards.  The page will be updated soon, meanwhile we will discuss procedures when we schedule your session.  Thank you.

WEST HARTFORD MASSAGE THERAPY has reopened for massage appointments.  In this transitional time of COVID-19, I am committed to the health and safety of my clients (and my own) and I ask that you comply with the hygienic protocols for the benefit of everyone.

I respect and follow guidelines and safety measures set forth by the FSMTB (Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards), the United States CDC and OSHA, as well as other professional bodywork organizations, (AMTA, ABMP).


After booking your session, I will send a confirmation email that will include a form to update your health records and a COVID wavier for you to print out and bring to your appointment.  I am also happy to do the health update over the phone with you.

I will only be working with clients who have been vaccinated and I would appreciate receiving a copy of your proof of vaccination document for my records.  Please email a photo to me at or text it to 860.916.8114


IF YOUR ARE FEELING ILL, IN ANY WAY, PLEASE CANCEL YOUR APPOINTMENT.  Appointments cancelled for illness or emergencies will not be charged ANY cancellation fee.  I do ask for 24-hour notice should you want to cancel your session.  I will charge 75% of the session value for appointments cancelled within 24 hours.  I charge the full fee for No Shows.

PLEASE REMEMBER TO WEAR YOUR MASK!  You are required to wear it while at the center and during the massage session. 


 135 Day Street   Newington, CT

The parking lot is on the left of the building. When you arrive, PLEASE WAIT IN YOUR CAR until I text or call you to come into the building.  You will have your mask on when you enter the front door and proceed up the staircase.

Friends and family are not allowed to wait in the waiting room unless they are a guardian or parent of the client.

Before you enter the treatment room, I will take your temperature and ask you to use hand sanitizer.

You will go directly to the treatment room or restroom, if necessary.

I will be wearing a mask the entirety of your visit and eye protection during your session

I will properly wash and sanitize my hands after touching any surface before I touch you.


4-step air filtration units have been installed throughout the center and are in use 24 hours a day.  They include a HEPA filter and UVC light as part of the filtration process.

My treatment room has its own extremely efficient, medical grade, plasma air purification unit.

The natural disinfectant used to clean surfaces is registered with the EPA, on the approved CDC list, and is being used as directed.  The ingredients are effective, safe and do not contain harmful chemicals.

All surfaces that are potentially touched (i.e. light switches, doorknobs, handles, bathroom fixtures etc.) are properly disinfected between each client.  Deep cleaning of all surfaces is done regularly.

The massage table is disinfected between each client.

All linens are changed with each client.  They are laundered with proper protocol for viral destruction.  This is not a new policy, but a reiteration of what has always been done.


(Don’t you feel SO MUCH BETTER!?)

You will get dressed and utilize the hand sanitizer again.

I accept cash or a personal check as I have always done.  We can discuss other arrangements if this is not possible for you. 

We will schedule our next session or do that on the phone if you prefer.

IF YOU HAVE ANY SYMPTOMS OF ILLNESS soon after your treatment, IMMEDIATELY CALL ME (860.916.8114)

THANK YOU for your patience and understanding as we all navigate in the unknown.  Be well and please reach out with any questions or concerns!